Faysgarth kicks off!

The skies are darkening and battle is about to commence. Skimpton, popular Deputy Head Boy and sports supremo at Faysgarth School, needs a miracle if he’s to beat arch rivals Rainingham with a first eleven still drunk from the previous night’s debauchery.

Further obstacles include mercurial school scoundrel Marcus Dent, Constable Stubbs, the irredeemably dim local bobby, a cricketing vicar with a unique taste in flannels, and the lethally myopic Colonel Coombes, menace of the chemistry laboratory. A motley assortment of grubby dimwits, suspicious outsiders and scheming socialists means more trouble ahead for our heroic House Captain and his irrepressible fag Piggot.

In this juicy collection of sporting stories Skimpton finds that, in a world beset by colonial conundrums, sexual tension, political skulduggery and the occasional stinky third-former, the immutable values of King and country don’t always win the prize. For, whether the challenge is a chafing jockstrap or an infuriatingly imbecilic history master, one thing’s for certain: at Faysgarth nothing is ever quite what it seems.



Watch the highly accomplished advertisement, produced by Mr Granger, Head of Faysgarth’s Art Department. He’s reputed to enjoy a drink.