About the author

Stinking rotter John C. Biggins, whose book has finally blown the lid on Faysgarth School, was born in Leeds in 1958. At 10, he was both a keen footballer and an enthusiastic writer, on one occasion using his lofty position as editor of the school newspaper to name himself ‘Man of the Match’ when reporting on a vital victory against a rival house, captained by the boy who had previously knocked his front teeth out. Biggins’s subsequent professional work in the arts has, over the decades, helped with the not inconsiderable dental bills.

Having trained as a graphic artist, Biggins then studied theatre arts and embarked on a career treading the boards.

Over the last 35 years, while appearing on television, radio and film, and at the National Theatre and other theatrical venues around the country, he has maintained an interest in graphic design, and – since 1999 – has run a web design business with clients drawn mainly from the literary world.

As a writer, he has worked in the theatre, for BBC television and radio, and on various children’s television projects. In the early 2000s he enjoyed a stint as a theatre critic.

A keen collector of boys’ annuals from the 1930s and 40s, in writing A Skimpton Compendium, Biggins was as much inspired by the line illustrations and cover designs as he was by the extraordinary stories themselves.

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